Activate Your Supporters

What if you could personalise the eBay marketplace to showcase your organisation to users when they shop and checkout? It’s not only possible, but it’s easy—and all within your control with eBay for Charity.

Activate your support community to favourite your charity on eBay! All it takes is a simple ask and we’ve set up a special feature to make it as easy as possible.

1. Invite your supporters to favourite you using our custom widget feature!

Simply visit our Build Your eBay Following page and search for your organisation to generate your shareable “Favourite Us on eBay” button and corresponding unique link to start.

2. Promote your "Favourite Us On eBay" link on your social media platforms!

Once you’ve selected your button style, copy and paste your customised link to your Facebook feed or in a Twitter post—even printed materials. Anyone clicking on this link will be directed to your charity profile page on eBay and invited to add your cause as their favourite charity.

3. Display your "Favourite Us On eBay" button on your website and emails

Copy and use the HTML embed code to display your customised “Favourite Us On eBay” button wherever you want: your website, emails, you name it. This will direct donors to identify your charity as their favourite cause on eBay.

Check Out All the Programmes Available Through eBay

Favourite Charities

We personalise the eBay shopping and selling experience for all supporters that identify you as their favourite charity.

Community Selling

Engage your supporters to sell items on eBay and donate a percentage of the profits to you.

High Profile Campaigns

Leverage your celebrities, brands, and influencers to support you with unique experiences or one-of-a-kind auctions.

Direct Selling

As a charity, sell on eBay to expose your products to a massive community of 171 million active buyers … and we waive your fees.

Dedicated eBay Store

Enhance the way you merchandise your items through a dedicated eBay store.

Seasonal Marketing

Display your charity brand throughout the eBay site and community of 171million active buyers in our emails, social channels, and more.

Gifts that Give Back

Sell virtual gifts in the eBay marketplace to our entire global community.

Exclusive Ad Packages

Advertise on eBay with special packages designed just for charity organisations.

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By enrolling your charity you can get access to all eBay for Charity tools.

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