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About CLIC Sargent

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading charity for children and young people with cancer and their families.

When cancer strikes young lives CLIC Sargent helps families limit the damage cancer causes beyond their health. We provide specialist support, to help and guide each young cancer patient and their family. We fight tirelessly for them, individually, locally and nationally, so that they can focus on the important things.

Last year, we helped around 7,100 young cancer patients, and their families – more than ever before.Our vision is that everyone under 25 with cancer, and their families, will get the support and help they need during their cancer treatment and beyond, including bereaved families living with emotional pain. We want them to thrive, not just survive, and for everyone to join in that mission.

Fundraising Need

We rely on voluntary donations to fund our vital work, so a high profile auction exposes our cause to new supporters who help us fight tirelessly for young cancer patients and their families.High-profile auctions are a fantastic alternative channel for our existing supporters to get their hands on unique items and experiences, so it’s an additional reward for their loyalty and commitment to CLIC Sargent.

eBay for Charity Solution: High Profile Charity Campaign

An auction generates excitement and energy amongst supporters, particularly if the items are one-off and the auction is backed by engaging communications and PR strategy. Our yearly ‘Get in Character’ auction gives a unique opportunity for supporters to donate to the charity. It also widens our supporter reach to those in the reading community, who may not engage with CLIC Sargent otherwise.

In 2017 we had over 100 best-selling authors involved in the auction gaining many loyal advocates for the brand, and therefore the potential for longer term income generation.


The Get in Character auction has successfully run for four years, generating an income of over £35,000. We have gained many new supporters and advocates of the CLIC Sargent brand. From CLIC Sargent Nurses who provide clinical care to children at home to our Homes from Home which accommodate families for near to hospitals, the income from our auctions will fund vital services for families affected by a child’s cancer diagnosis when they need us the most.


Auctions work well when you have at least a handful of more high-profile items that can add weight to your promotional activity for the auction. As with any auction, timing is key. Try to link the auction with a related national activity to leverage your reach, and look to start and end the action at the weekend when eBay activity is at its highest.

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